Centre Mills Antique Floors

was mentioned by the

'Hardwood Flooring Magazine'

as a 'Profile in Success'

printed in their Summer 2001 issue.

Aerial view of the old mill, built in 1841,

at Centre Mills. Photo taken in 1966.

Centre Mills

has provided reclaimed building products

for the sets of three movies:

Owner John Longanecker in front of the

office at the Mill. Photo taken in 2015.

"John Longanecker,

who operates Centre Mills Salvage,

has a passion for both history and wood. Longanecker makes an effort to

document the age of a structure prior

to salvaging its wood."

- 'Today's Woodworker'

January/February 1993

Centre Mills Antique Floors has been in the business of rescuing wood from old American structures destined for demolition for almost a quarter of a century.

The small crossroads of Centre Mills, Pennsylvania is nestled in the rolling hills in the heart of South Central PA near the historic town of Gettysburg. John Longanecker, owner of Centre Mills Antique Floors, uses the old gristmill in Centre Mills, built in 1841, as a storage facility. The wood he saves comes from the unique barns, houses, mills and outbuildings built by the early PA settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Pioneers used the wood that was on the site to build their structures, allowing Longanecker to rescue a unique collection of oak, pine, chestnut and fir. Previously the wood was felled, cut, worked, and hewn by hand. Longanecker has learned to appreciate and marvel at the mastery and the ingenuity of the early American builder.

John Longanecker has many satisfied customers. For years he has professionally manufactured milled and dry kilned orders of antique flooring. He also provides hand-hewn beams for use both structurally and decoratively or as mantels. He has carefully dismantled and preserved early log cabins.

We feel antique wood is the unique alternative for folks who wish to preserve part of our heritage by reusing this rescued wood. The beautiful imperfections that Nature, Time and Patience have given to the old wood make the wood wonderfully unique. The patina of the aged wood cannot be duplicated. Nature's imperfections are the basis for the ultimate in antique flooring.

We invite your inquiries. Give John a call. If you can't get him on the phone, you know he is out rescuing more of mother nature’s finest. Leave a message and he will return your call.